Australia and Hong Kong: The Commonwealth Business Connection | 28th November 2022 Recording


Andrew Cripps; Former Minister for Natural Resources, Queensland, Australia

Andrew Chan; Chairman, CA ANZ

Jean Hamilton-Smith; Senior Associate (Australia), Herbert Smith Freehills

Patrick Orchard; Consul (Economic) at the Australian Consulate General Hong Kong

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, world-wide shortages in mineral and agricultural primary products and trade tensions, Australia and Hong Kong have an increasingly important role to play in the development of each other’s economic strengths.  The significance of this relationship was symbolised by the signing of comprehensive Free Trade and Investment Agreements between the two jurisdictions in 2019 which include important commitments in relation to trade in goods and services, investment, public sector procurement, intellectual property, competition, and dispute resolution.

In addition to diverse mutual economic interests, Hong Kong shares with Australia, as it does with other Commonwealth jurisdictions, a common heritage based on legal, cultural and linguistic networks.  For both Hong Kong investors into Australia and for Australian enterprises wishing to make greater use of Hong Kong’s established role as a “super-connector”, our planned series of events will introduce new and exciting perspectives.

In this webinar, we are joined by Andrew Cripps, former Minister for Natural Resources and Mines of Queensland as our keynote speaker and Mr Andrew Chan, Chairman, CA ANZ, and Ms Jean Hamilton-Smith, Senior Associate (Australia), Herbert Smith Freehills and Mr Patrick Orchard, Trade Commissioner at the Australian Consulate in Hong Kong will examine the prevalent sectors of trade between the two jurisdictions, compare the financial and legal systems and how the complement and/or contrast with each and, equally as importantly, provide a comprehensive account on the current and future trajectory of joint partnerships and projects between the two economies that will be decisive in shaping the future of this exceptional relationship.

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Andrew Wells; Secretary-General, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong

Opening and Closing Remarks

Julia Charltons; Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong