Chairman’s Message

I am delighted to announce the founding of the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, creating the most exciting and diverse Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, if not the world! The CCC HK is where Commonwealth business meets in Hong Kong! Hong Kong has around nine chambers of commerce of Commonwealth countries, whilst over 50 Commonwealth countries and territories which have previously been unrepresented by any chamber in Hong Kong now have a home with the Commonwealth Chamber Hong Kong.  

2021 is an exciting year to be launching the Commonwealth Chamber in Hong Kong! The deep roots and long history of many and diverse Commonwealth communities in Hong Kong continue to create wealth, businesses and jobs in Hong Kong and, in some cases, worldwide. Hong Kong as one of the world’s most international cities, a Special Administrative Region of China and a pivotal city in the Greater Bay Area initiative, more than ever needs a Commonwealth Chamber.

The Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong provides a platform and information hub for Commonwealth businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to network, share and support the growth and development of Commonwealth business in Hong Kong and beyond. We’ll be talking about what matters to Commonwealth business in Hong Kong!

CCC HK membership is open to all interested in doing business in the Commonwealth and Hong Kong and beyond to the Greater Bay Area in Southern China. The philosophy of CCC HK is business, friendship, inspiration and diversity! 

We look forward to welcoming you as part of this innovative and excitingly diverse vibrant community, whether as an individual, a company or organisation!


Julia Charlton

Hong Kong

July 2021