Bermuda as the ideal offshore platform for international business | 18th July Webinar Recording

Our Panel of Speakers

The Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP; Premier of Bermuda

Flora Wong; Corporate Partner, Conyers Dill and Pearman (Hong Kong)

David Hart; Chief Executive Officer, Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA)

Opening and Closing Remarks by

Julia Charlton; Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong

Moderated by

Andrew Wells; Secretary-General, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong

In this insightful and noteworthy webinar, the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong was delighted to be joined by the Premier of Bermuda, Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP, the CEO of the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA), David Hart, and Corporate Partner at Conyers Dill and Pearman Hong Kong, Flora Wong, for an insightful and informative session on what success factors make Bermuda a model offshore platform for international business. Bermuda is known as the “world’s risk capital” owing to its innovative, entrepreneurial leadership and efficient matching system for risk-taking capital. Bermuda abides by the international standards for AML/ATF being amongst the top 6 anti-money laundering jurisdictions globally and is also one of the two leading jurisdictions for fiduciary and family office services aside from Switzerland.

Aside from Bermuda’s exemplary accomplishments in traditional financial services, our speakers also share exciting news on the latest initiatives the overseas territory is undertaking to continue expanding on its pioneering role in the realm of digital finance, including the introduction of the first international Digital Asset Bank, Jewel, and further development of the Digital Business Act (DABA). The Premier of Bermuda also shares the country’s action plan towards environmental sustainability and mission to become the globe’s climate risk capital. Reflecting upon the question of what makes Bermuda so successful, the speakers share the importance of the 4 principles that Bermuda as an offshore service provider build its foundation upon, which are Branding, Employment, Diversification and Sustainability.

Premier the Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP, became Bermuda’s youngest Premier in 2017. As an entrepreneur au fond, Premier Burt started GMD Consulting Limited, an IT consulting company focusing on project management. Premier Burt co-founded HITCH Limited and was the lead developer for the award winning HITCH Mobile App enabling Bermuda residents to hail taxis. Before being elected Premier, he served on the Bermudan Tourism Board, National Training Board, the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce and the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation and in several ministerial positions. Mr. Burt is active in local and international public service and community organizations.

Before joining Conyers, Flora Wong practiced as a Hong Kong lawyer in corporate finance at major law firms in Hong Kong. Flora’s corporate legal focus embraces capital markets, initial public offerings, joint ventures, capital restructuring and re-organisation, privatizations, debt financing, private equity, mergers and acquisitions. She has over 17 years of experience in Bermuda corporate laws and have been advising Bermuda incorporated listed companies in Hong Kong over a wide range of commercial and corporate matters.  Her portfolio of clients include banks, multinational corporations, public companies and law firms.

As CEO, David is responsible for providing energetic and collaborative leadership to the BDA’s mission of expanding Bermuda’s economy by attracting investment and employment in targeted sectors. In this role Mr. Hart also promotes sustainable and equitable prosperity economic growth for Bermuda, in furtherance of the BDA’s vision.  Mr. Hart joined the BDA in October 2021, having previously served as Executive Vice President at the Florida Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest business advocacy organisations in the Americas. Mr. Hart was part of the leadership team responsible for  increasing job growth and, resulting in Florida creating one of every 11 jobs in the United States, attracting on average US $1.19 million in capital every hour, and recently being ranked as the fifteenth largest economy in the world. During this time Mr. Hart has led or participated in numerous delegations to in Europe, East Asia, South America and the Middle East to secure additional foreign direct investment.

Watch the full recording of this webinar for all the latest news and information on Bermuda’s outstanding achievements in traditional and digital financial services and learn the driving factors behind the territory’s impeccable success.