Regulatory Clarity in Asia’s Crypto Hubs: Hong Kong and Singapore | 17 August 2023 Recording


Angelina Kwan; Senior Advisor, IMC Asia Pacific

David Zou; Grandway Law Offices

Diana The; FSLAW LLC

Sandy Peng; Co-Founder, Scroll

The importance of compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape in Asia, particularly in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China was covered. The recent clarity in regulations in these jurisdictions was highlighted but it was also acknowledged that there are still areas that need further clarification. In Hong Kong, comprehensive regulations have been implemented, allowing for the licensing of digital asset businesses. In Singapore, the Payment Services Act governs digital payment tokens and sets licensing requirements for businesses operating in this sector. In China, there is a promotion of the digital currency electronic payment (DCEP) system, a central bank digital currency.

Overall, the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrency is evolving rapidly, with more regulations being implemented globally. The speakers pointed out the need for industry participants to stay informed and comply with the evolving regulatory requirements.

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Julia Charlton; Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong