Regulatory Landscape for Web3 & Digital Assets – a Global & GCC Perspective | 5 September 2023 Recording


Jehanzeb Awan; Founder & CEO, J.Awan & Partners

Patricia Ho; General Counsel, Scroll

The regulatory landscape for web3 and digital assets globally and in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries was discussed and the importance of regulation, clarity, consumer protection, and support for innovation in the evolving digital landscape. Global regulatory developments in web3, blockchain, and open-source technology impacting digital asset businesses including different regulatory approaches in regions like the US, UK, EU, Hong Kong, and Singapore were covered. The potential of the GCC region, with its growing GDP and population, and focus on building a self-sustaining economy is highlighted. Key themes in the crypto space include the introduction of stablecoins, a focus on decentralized exchanges, a blockchain infrastructure and decentralized projects, and growing interest and adoption by institutions.

The evolution of the digital world raising concerns about financial greed and AI’s potential impact on security. These are the challenges in the quantum computing area combined with AI. For example, in breaking passwords quickly.

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Julia Charlton; Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong.