The Story of Ghana with Yofi Grant


Yofi Grant; CEO, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre

Katakyie Ofori-Atta; Head of Strategy, Family Ventures and Offices (FVO)

Ghana is emerging as a leading destination for investment and business in Africa due to its wealth of natural resources, youthful population, and pro-growth government policies.

Strategically located at the center of world latitudes and longitudes, Ghana has been a hub of trade and commerce for centuries. From the Dutch to the British, European powers vied for control of the land known as the Gold Coast for its abundant gold deposits.

Today, Ghana boasts reserves of oil, gas, bauxite, manganese, and many rare earth minerals essential for energy transition. Recent discovery of lithium in commercial quantities also positions Ghana to play a key role in battery production. With a population of 32 million, over 60% under age 35, Ghana has a fast-growing consumer market and labor pool. The government is prioritizing job creation through its “One District, One Factory” initiative to build industrial capacity in each district. Food security is also being enhanced through the “Planting for Food and Jobs” program.

With its wealth of resources, strategic location, youthful population and pro-business government, Ghana is poised to be a leading growth economy in Africa in the coming decades. The future is bright for the land of opportunity.

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Julia Charlton; Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong.